Clarice Bouwer

Clarice Bouwer

Director & Software Engineer @ Cloudsure Limited

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Hey there, tech peeps 👋 I'm Clarice Bouwer, a self-proclaimed code wizard with a passion for all things software. Picture this: I'm that person who's equally thrilled about debugging a quirky script 🐛 as I am about trying out the latest tech trend.

From writing lines of code that dance like poetry to orchestrating digital symphonies, I've journeyed through the realms of software engineering with unbridled curiosity and an ever-engaged spirit. And guess what? The adventure just got even more exciting because I've recently taken the helm as the Director at Cloudsure Limited. 🎉

But don't let the fancy title fool you. Deep down, I'm still that Clojure(Script) and JavaScript web developer who's all about coding shenanigans. My motto? Never stop learning. Right now, I'm diving into a Data Science Bootcamp because, hey, why not level up my skills and sprinkle a bit of data magic into my repertoire?

Here's the scoop: challenges are my game. Bring on the bugs, the glitches, the head-scratching enigmas – I'm ready to tackle them all. And you know what's even better? I thrive in team settings. As a seasoned Team Lead, I've got this knack for whipping up a perfect tech storm with the squad I work with.

But hey, it's not all 1s and 0s in my life. When I'm not busy conjuring code, you'll find me fueling up on coffee like it's my personal superpower, sharing memes and making jokes, hacking away at pet projects and playing with my two doggies.

So there you have it – the tech-driven, challenge-loving, team-inspiring saga that is me. Ready to join forces and create some digital awesomeness? Let's chat! 🚀

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